Commercial Locksmith Services near Frederick, MD

We Provide Commercial Locksmith Services Near you

As a business owner, we know how crucial it is that your location is secure. The expense of being victimized due to poor security is astronomical, wheras the feeling of security is priceless. As a result, securing your commercial property is imperative to your success, and if you have employees, their success as well. Below are some of the services we provide, however, no matter your security concern or need, call the experts at David & Matthew’s Dad Locksmith.


We can service, install, replace, rekey or even electrify storefront door hardware, as well as service or replace commercial door closers.

Sagging doors, Continuous Hinges

Replacing commercial door hinges with continuous geared hinges will provide years of trouble free-door operations. Call us for this permanent solution to what seems like a permanent problem.

Panic and Exit Devices.

We can install, replace, service and upgrade all types of exit and panic devices. Let us keep these troublesome but essential devices in working order for you.

Access Control, Keyless Entry

Know who is coming into your place of business without having to constantly “buzz” people in. We can recommend small business solutions like access control systems and provide expert installation. Systems can use keypads, cards, fobs or, for the most security, a combination of key code and a proximity reader.

Key Control, Master Key Systems

Let us design and implement a master key control system to meet your specific needs.

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