Emergency Property Locksmith service

24/7 Emergency Locksmith Service

People get locked out of their property constantly and at different hours of the day. When an emergency happens, you need someone you trust to arrive and aid you quickly. Whether you are locked out of your car, truck, home or business, a David & Matthew’s Dad Locksmith professional will be on site to resolve your issue quickly and efficiently. We provide the emergency service you are looking for and are just a phone call away.

Emergency Automobile Lockout Services

Did you get locked out of your vehicle without a spare key? Don’t fret, just call 301-701-5119 and a trustworthy locksmith professional will be onsite to assist you any time day or night! Of course, we will quote you and explain the service so you understand what you are paying for with no hidden fees.

Emergency Home Lockout Locksmiths

We undestand that accidents and emergencies happen. That is why we have locksmith security professionals on call and ready to assist you during the unfortunate circumstance of you getting locked out of your home.

Emergency Commercial Lockout Service

Commercial building lockouts can be debilitating to business. Daily operations come to a screeching hault if employees and owners cannot access the building. David & Matthew’s Dad Locksmith can ensure your buildings security and regain access for you during an emergency. Contact us!

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